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Contact Yoga focuses on the true definition of Yoga = UNION. 

Create union in your practice by connecting with another person on your mat.

In this rich, nourishing practice of duo asana, basic partner yoga and flying 

techniques, and closing with luscious Thai Massage, we learn about trusting, 

supporting and evolving each other. We experience increased presence, mindfulness, 

emotional intelligence and open-heartedness.  Every encounter of this yoga 

love-in, hilarious or holy, awkward or divine, is a precious exchange and increases 

our capacity to give and receive.

Contact Yoga is for everyone. This class even works for people who have never 

done yoga before.  It is a safe, fun environment for all. If you have been asking 

someone in your life to share yoga with you, this is the experience that will 

seduce him or her into being a yoga -addict for life.

This practice is open to couples, friends, siblings and complete strangers.

"Yoga Date Night" workshops held on Valentine's weekend are intended for couples only.



"Contact Yoga is a portal to the profound depths of relationship. The experience will be exhilarating, fun, challenging, cathartic, joyful, illuminating. This is yoga that by its very nature changes you, but that change comes through and is facilitated by your relationship with others: you cannot access its exceptional gifts alone. You must reach out, connect and surrender."
- Deepak Chopra




Explore the playful possibilities of your practice with a partner or a friend, using partner poses and Thai Massage

Contact Yoga

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