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by Tara Lynda Guber

with Anodea Judith

Photographs by Norman Seeff

Publication: Fall 2005


Tara Guber presents an inspiring new vision of yoga created to inform and enhance your relationships with lovers, friends and yoga partners. Using the Seven Points of Contact as her foundation, Tara combines yoga poses specifically designed for two practitioners with observations and insights into the dynamics, joys, challenges and potential of relationships.

For the first time, CONTACT brings you inside the yoga practice as yogis share their intimate and transformational experiences with this highly interactive and sensual form of yoga.

Participants in the book include:

Seane CornRod Stryker
Anna ForrestCatherine Oxenberg
Shiva RaeLinda Grey
David LifeElizabeth Berkley
Sharon GannonHarry Hamlin
Cheryl TiegsLisa Renna


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Explore the playful possibilities of your practice with a partner or a friend, using partner poses and Thai Massage

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