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History of Contact Yoga

Tara Guber and Ken Nateshvar Scott are credited with the creation of Contact Yoga in the 1980’s.

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A teacher, producer and philanthropist, Tara is the founder and CEO of the nationally recognized yoga in schools program, Yoga Ed. She is a founding board member of The Accelerated School, the internationally recognized charter public school in South Central Los Angeles named "Elementary School of the Year" in 2001 by TIME magazine. To visit Tara's website click here

"Through communication, we are connecting emotionally, energetically, mentally, spiritually; in fact it’s quite intimate. It's not a difficult thing to do; it's just surrendering and trusting yourself. Trust and surrender are essential to effective communication as communication is essential for true trust and surrender. It is the sacred cycle of transformation at the core of all conscious relationships.
- Tara Lynda Guber

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Self Magazine named Tesh one of the top ten yoga instructors in the United States. His vision for Contact Yoga comes from the literal translation of the word “yoga”, which means “union” in Sanskrit. If yoga is union, then the perfect expression of uniting through yoga is in practicing with a partner.

“Contact Yoga is an external expression of an internal union based on sacred relationship.”

- Ken “Tesh” Scott

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Explore the playful possibilities of your practice with a partner or a friend, using partner poses and Thai Massage

Contact Yoga

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